Solar Powered Houses

I’m by no means a safe the earth/green campaigner, but i do hate the way people waste stuff just for the sake of it..

An example is paper watch, or simply throwing bottles into rubbish bins rather than recycling them.. takes likes 2 seconds to separate wastage from recyclable stuff. I also came up with an idea about having mini turbines under neath keyboard keys… every time keys are pressed, they generate power and re-charge/power the battery. That would be cool 😎

Anyway, how about creating a 100% solar powered house, completely livable, green, clean with zero energy wastage? Good idea, eh?

Well that’s what the guys at the BP Solar Decathlon are doing… trying to create attractive eco-friendly houses. It’s a competition in which 20 teams from around the world compete for the best designed solar powered house.

You can check out some the pics on their blog.

Like i said before, all of this save the earth / no nukes type of stuff gets annoying, but if it’s cheaper in the long run and better for the environment, then what are we waiting for?!

30 years ago, nobody would have though my college, DKIT would be powered by a big wind turbine in the back garden. Nobody would have thought we’d have hydro cars like the Toyota Prius. Nobody would have thought we’d be recycling bottles and cartons and have electric rail systems like the LUAS in dublin.

This is technology my friends, and this is the way things will continue to go. As we become more globalised, we’re more open to new ideas and cultures and therefore more respectful of our environment and the environment other people live in.

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