Social Networking gone bad..

I’ve been working overtime lately on ideas..

This time it’s an advertising network site like reviewme, text-link-ads etc.. but with a twist and a nice novelty factor..

I think it’s a pretty cool idea but again i can’t/won’t discuss it..

One idea i will release though, is a social networking site i had in mind.. i blogged about it 3 weeks ago..

You can see i was very enthusiastic about it and yesterday almost that exact same idea proved to be worthy of frontpage status on

It’s not that i don’t want to go ahead with it, it’s just that i’ve got too many other ideas which i believe are better and take priority..

This story was on the homepage of digg yesterday and got over 1000 diggs.. i was surprised as it’s basically exactly what i had in mind.. here’s an unedited copy of what i composed a couple of months ago..

possible names;


opposite of bebo/myspace/facebook etc..

rather than add friends, you add enemies and people you hate.

Music Groups
Friends of Friends
Ex Girlfriends

all profiles are public and rather than your favourite friends or favourite bands on your profile, you have you’re most hated ones.

the worst artists/people are shamed on the frontpage.

the idea is that if you’ve got nothing to hide and you’re a decent person, you’ll be on our site..

if you’re not on our site, you must be scared of something.. and we play on that idea to promote the site and get people to join…

almost saying put your money where your mouth is. it’s the same for music groups and artists…

That’s it. Arsebook was a mock up and not a real site, but i had intended to go ahead and build the real thing :mrgreen: If anyone’s interested in doing it, i’d be more than happy to team up and offer more input as i have more meat on the idea and actually spent quite a bit of time planning it out..

The demand is there for it imo, as digg has proved. The legal issues are a concern though as it has potential to be labelled as a form of bullying or encouraging provocative behaviour.. but where there’s a will there’s a way..

4 thoughts on “Social Networking gone bad..”

  1. Thats gonna be very controversial.

    see how was. yout gonna be 10 times more controversial than that

  2. I considered a similar thing myself, a year or two ago, basically a “HATE LIST”

    I’m sure people would talk 10x more about something they hate than something they love (I do anyway)… but then I thought I’d run in to too many troubles so filed it under “past ideas I can say I had ages ago when I see them in action” – and there are quite a few of those!!

  3. I like social networking, but there are too many stalkers, scams, and unwanted messages happening in so many social networking sites. So of them try to start any argument with you. Honestly, I do not have time for that.

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