Social Networking – advantages and disadvantages..

‘Alan’ raised an excellent point in a comment in one of my earlier posts about grasping any opportunity you can get to meet new people/form friendships..

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I do enjoy meeting new people, but at the same time i don’t like to be tied down by them or having them let me down.. given a choice between going out clubbing with a big group of people, or staying in and watching a dvd with the girlfriend, i’d chose the latter time and time again…

That’s because i prefer ‘quality’ time rather than general chit chat, which doesn’t really interest me. They say you could count the number of close friends you have on one hand and it’s true. The likes of bebo/myspace etc.. are just links to people you’ve met or know.. i doubt everyone has 16 best friends :mrgreen: or whatever number of thumbnails is displayed on the friends section..

Anyway, on to the positives and negatives of social networking (online & offline)..

The good and the bad

As you can see, my blogroll contains links to blogs i enjoy reading and people that i’ve met in some form (through comments, emails, forums, digg etc..). Most of those guys are quality bloggers, some already high fliers and some just starting out..

Some link back to me, which is great as it’s a you scrub my back, i scrub your back situation and works for everyone.. we both get traffic, an added incoming link etc..

That’s all rosey until i decide to change the content of my blog to porn or offensive stuff 😛 Now, i’ll lose links, lose respect and trust and have to meet new bloggers/people. What i’m trying to say is that placing trust in friends, particularly those you barely know, is a dangerous game, but it has to be done in order to extend/develop networks.

It’s the same in real life.. if you call and agree to meet up somewhere with a friend and he doesn’t show, that’s a dud relationship.. respect is lost there as is trust etc.. so you’ll think twice about meeting up again.. or you’ll think twice about relying on him for something, perhaps on a subconscious level…

But at the same time if you never meet up with anyone, you’re never going to add more ‘quality’ friends to your core network.


Networking is something we have to do in order to simply live.. it would be tough to live life without any friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/bosses/workmates etc.. in fact, it would be impossible. We can control how many friends we have, but there’s always that small core of people that you know you’ll go back to because you can trust them and you know them.

The bigger that core, the more successful/happy you will be in my opinion. Just like in the online world, the more active and open you are towards people, the more contacts you will make.

34 thoughts on “Social Networking – advantages and disadvantages..”

  1. dat was a gd thinking 🙂 but ur analysis would b more appropriate if u had put dem down in clear cut points of advantages and disadvantages,, ❗ 😯

  2. I agree with you harini. It’s a nice thought. now i’m doing a social networking site which is fully based on accademic institution.

  3. Seems you favour social networking, it’s not all that bad when you think this way, today a lot of data theft has been done from these social web site, causing teenagers to become prey of adult content. This what a social networking could do if you hook up with nasty people

  4. Using Social medias does have positive and negative things. In some ways it can help your business in some ways it'll not. On personal side employers are actually getting their new employees with the help of social media.

  5. i’m from argentina and i’m studying at university to become an english teacher… i have to write an essay about the disadvanteges of the social networking sites and this post really helped a lot… thanks sean… it is great!! 🙂

  6. Yes I agree nut most social networking sites were blocked specially in school. The administrators was not yet able to see its use specially in terms of communication for teachers and students. These sites will also be a good venue to share ideas and at the same time post questions so that students who do not have the guts to participate during discussions inside the classroom will be able to share his/her ideas without facing their classmates. In that way it will give them more freedom to express their ideas on the lessons discussed.

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  7. Yeah, it's more of a double edged sword than most people think. Your conversations are open for anyone to see, so you better be able to back up what you say. All things being equal, it should always be a net positive, unless you're over promising with your products or services.

  8. So useful for me t and e project and I love the part, “the more contacts you will make” i used this in my project! amazing 🙂

  9. You can meet new people – social networking sites are the perfect spot to neet new people online. With the help of advanced search tools you can find users who have the same interests you do and that can be the starting point of a great friendship and/or relationship.

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