so long, suckers!

As you read this blog post, i’m currently in Dublin, probably shopping or let me re-phrase that, probably following my girlfriend around shopping.

Yeah ok, that’s nothing to be envious about. I’ll probably act all grumpy, she’ll then be mad at me for being grumpy and it will escalate into a cold war where neither of us speaks and neither of us are happy – that’s the way our shopping trips tend to go :mrgreen:

HOWEVER, you will be envious of the gorgeous hotels we’re staying in. It’s a great feeling to check in to a hotel, run up to your bedroom door with excitement and swipe that credit card through the lock/handle, exploding with anticipation…

“How big is it?”, “Does it have a mini-bar?”, “Does it have a jacuzzi bath?”, “Does it have a plasma TV”, “What’s the view like?”….

And guess what? I get that feeling not once, but twice as i’m staying in two hotels 🙂

So i hope you guys have a good bank holiday weekend, i know i will 😈

P.S. – Don’t expect much activity on this blog over the next few days, the lights may be on, but nobody’s home 😉

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