snowed in for next 4 weeks

Today i had sat my last college Christmas exam. All of them went better than expected, so i’m about 100% certain i’ve passed them all which was of course the target. It means i have just 6 modules left to complete in my current degree course. 24 down, 6 to go. Pass those 6 in summer 2010 and i’ll unlock a new level in the form of an IT management degree :mrgreen:

Snow Ladies
Creative Commons License photo credit: chrisdonia

Anyway, the weather is terrible these days not just here in Ireland but right across europe & the US. Snow, ice, people freezing to death on the streets… seems rather ironic as heads of state are meeting to combat global warming

The weather doesn’t bother me too much though. In fact i enjoy terrible weather because even if i wanted to go out somewhere, i can’t, or it wouldn’t be sensible to. That forces me in to working on something because i can’t stay idle for long and i’ll usually end up doing something productive.

I have plenty to keep me occupied for the next 4 weeks (i’m back in college on January 18th), so although i may not be literally snowed in all of that time, i’ll deliberately snow myself under with work.

It’s been a long time since i dedicated time to my own projects (stretching back to last summer), so i’m eager to make up for lost time….

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