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I said i’d spend most of yesterday working on

It turns out my girlfriend was off yesterday (& today aswell) as she’s sick – faint, sick & taken to hospital Sunday. Nothing serious though, but yet again, another smack of realism and perspective for me… you need that every once in a while. It’s far too easy to get cocooned up in a material world or ignorant/oblivious to the fact that money/work/life is nothing without good health.

Anyway, i spent most of the day with her, but have managed to put together about 4/5 hours of consecutive work. In that time i’ve managed to copy/paste and edit all content from in to posts and pages in wordpress.

I’ve also been toying around with the new options theme i stumbled upon. Here’s a sneak preview of what i’ll be launching over the next few days…


So as you can see i’m going for the ultra dynamic and fresh magazine-like theme. I’ll be recruiting some writers, hopefully a few link exchanges or shout outs on similar sites and ultimately trying to own this niche and dominate Google SERPS.

Competition – Be afraid 😈

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