Every so often, i post about how this blog is coming on. So i’ve gathered the latest statistics like number of backlinks, alexa ranks, technorati rank etc… all of those so called ‘meaningless’ rating systems.

I cant stand when people say pagerank is useless and means nothing. Sure – there’s absolutely NO difference between a PR1 and PR 7 site. Just a measly few grand. You see, pagerank gets you noticed by advertisers. The likes of text-link-ads, review me to name a few, all take your pagerank, along with other factors, and calculate a price for a link or ad on your site. The higher your pagerank, the higher a link/ad will cost. Therefore, the more money you’ll earn.

PR6/7/8 sites are always in demand, so finding buyers isn’t a problem. If necessary, you can undercut everyone and sell ads dirt cheap to rake in immediate income. So these statistics DO matter. They ARE important and should not be ignored if you’re trying to earn money online.

anyway, here are the stats for…

Alexa Rank: 1,306,844

Technorati Rank: 833,261

Pagerank: 3

# Pages indexed in google : 208

#backlinks in google: 128

# backlinks in yahoo: 12,529

# blog posts: 158 (average 1.2/day)

The site is now 5 months old and is only now starting to crawl up alexa and technorati. I expect the next pagerank to be at least 4 and hopefully 5, as i’ve worked hard and cleverly on getting backlinks. With unique content added on a daily basis over 5 months, Google should now start to trust the site more and give it more authority. It’s amazing to think i’ve racked up 158 posts. One a day was my target and bar a few days, i’ve stuck to it religiously. So it’s a case of keeping at it.. :mrgreen:

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