smemon goes clothes shopping

Yesterday i went shopping to ‘The Marshes‘ in Dundalk. I seen a jacket i liked there a few weeks ago in pepe jeans and decided to go up and buy it – not remembering what it looked like or what price it was :mrgreen:

The jacket was still there, so i then checked the price; €215 😕 I tried it on and i didn’t really like it anyway, it was way to heavy and padded. The reason i need a jacket is because i’ve one or two parties coming up and it’s bloody freezing out at this time of year.

A shirt and tie is all well and good inside, but outside that’ll leave you freezing over. I do have jackets, but no ‘dressy’ ones (just run of mill sporty/adventure ones), so i was shopping for a ‘dressy’ jacket, and also new shoes as my old ones were battered and literally covered in dust underneath my bed 😆

So i got a pair of new shoes and a jacket. Here they are;



But all of this stuff is boring. Who cares about boring ‘safe’ jackets and shoes. You guys want to see ‘attacking’ clothes, bold, crazy, whacky crap that allows you to have a little chuckle or WTF moment to yourself. That’s why you read blogs.. for entertainment, for something different.

So in order to counter-balance for what i call ‘safe’ clothes, i’ve bought an ‘attacking’ tie – the tie i was talking about a couple of weeks ago 😈 The 8 bit geek tie 😆 I’ve a party next weekend, so i’m crossing my fingers it arrives before Friday. There’ll be pics of me in the tie if it arrives, i promise :mrgreen:

I was also thinking to myself, this would be one hell of a tie to wear to an interview when i’m going for a tech related job… the boss would either think i’m a complete geek/wierdo/joker, or else love it and give me bonus marks for a sense of humour/appreciation for tech stuff. That’s what i mean by an ‘attacking’ tie. It can gain or lose points with people, depending on how tech savy those people are.

So wearing that tie to an interview would be frowned upon by most people as it’s not ‘safe’, it’s risky. But risky is good, as it means you have a chance of beating the guy who just wears a boring stripey tie in. That’s the sort of difference this tie can make.

It typifies my attitude. I could spend €500 on boring shoes and jackets/trousers etc.. but the tie is the most important part to me, because it is the gamble, it is ‘me’ more than any other item of clothing i have on me.


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  1. the last interview that I went to I went to with a t-shirt and dickies work pants.

    They gave me the job because it was a web development position at a skateboard/snowboard shop and they frown upon anyone dressing up.

    Especially since the work space involves not speaking to or seeing any of the customers at any given time.

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