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change of address is officially dead. Long live it’s replacement, The switch comes about a few weeks after I managed to register the new name after years of trying to get my hands on it.

All of the old content has been moved over and this place will still act as my own personal blog – that’s it’s mission statement. Each and every word has been (and will always be) written by me. Over the years i’ve drifted in and out of various projects but this blog has remained my favourite ‘project’ throughout simply because i’ve total control over it. I can post about football one week, cars the next, then post a picture of a banana if i want to… i don’t tend to talk about such a diverse range of topics here all that often, but knowing that i can is comforting.

In 2012, you could probably count the number of posts published on this blog with two hands. Previously, i’d churn out 1 post per day religiously, week by week, month by month. The difference this year has been that i’m focused on other things and admittedly less so on this blog or my entire social presence for that matter.

This blog has been long overdue a revamp and at last i’ve managed to spare some time and have a think about where i want to take it and what i want to do with it. Moving it to was always my intention but at the same time it’s not as easy thing to do. I wanted to completely overhaul the site and make sure it was as streamlined as it possibly cold be. I’m not sure what load time was on the old site (i was always too scared to check!) but this time around i made some big, cut throat changes and ditched about a dozen plugins, removed clutter from the database and made sure the theme i’m using has as little junk as possible in it.

The end result is that the site now scores a PageSpeed of 92 out of 100 (think it was previously low 70’s). More importantly, it’s noticeably quicker to get around.

Page Speed

More blogging

I’ve been out of action for quite some time now as explained above and the reasons for that will be explained in time, but i’m eager to return to blogging daily or blogging on a regular basis because there’s tonnes of stuff that is drifting past me that i have an opinion on. I miss not jotting my thoughts down and throwing my 2 cents out there. I’ll also have a lot more to share and talk about over the coming months…. dot dot dot… teasing finish.

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