Slow broadband connection..

for the past 24 hours or so, i’ve been on dialup – like connection speeds, even slower.. 🙁

it’s a pain in the neck, i can’t even post in wordpress or open any bandwidth hungry apps.. so all i can do is send emails or wait about 3 minutes to open up a web page 🙄 I haven’t had time to look into it properly as i’m busy with other stuff, but if things are still the same on Monday, i’ll be making a few calls.

It’s highly frustrating.. for over a year, i’ve had a hassle free, top notch service… i set up my own wi-fi network and use my laptop as my primary computer. So this is effecting my ‘managing myself‘ tasks.. i still have a bout 5/6 posts to complete in total and it looks unlikely i’ll be able to post them if this continues…

But in order to save my weeks earnings, i’ve typed them all out on notepad and saved them.. :mrgreen: here’s a screenshot with the date and time showing 😆 I know i have to review my dinner, buti’ve already got pics of that so there’s no real text involved.. unfortunately i can’t upload the pics as it’s taking too long 🙄


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