Slovakian Challenge..

I’m a big fan of Irish soccer (internationals).

Last September i was at my first away match in Stuttgart, Germany.

I’ve already booked my trip to the match in Cardiff, against Wales in November.. thanks to some quick thinking i managed to get everything for peanuts..

We also have matches against the Czech Republic and Slovakia still to come.. it turns out, we’ve (the irish fans) have gotten a shedload of tickets for the slovakian game. At this stage, flights and accomodation are mad expensive as i didn’t get in early once the tickets came out.

So the challenge now is to find a way to Slovakia and back cheaply. I’m thinking Dublin-Stansted = €20 and take it from there. Stansted is a better base than Dublin. There must be some options from Stansted…

Anyway, i may or may not go.. probably the latter as it appears to be too expensive, but you never know, i wouldn’t right myself off just yet 😉

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