slight delay with my new theme

I thought i’d be clever and surprise everyone with a rapid launch last night of my new theme…

I had transferred all the files on to my server, uploaded the plugins and i thought that was that… i clicked on the new theme to activate it and errors gallore :mrgreen:

I couldn’t figure it out… it was all perfect on, so what was the problem? After a bit of research i found out it’s a php version issue…

Spamdealer is on my server at Dreamhost, whereas this blog ( is on it’s own server at Lunarpages.

My dreamhost server is running php version 5. something but my Lunarpages server is running 4. something. The theme has been designed with php 5, hence all the errors when it’s running on an earlier version.

Anyway, i’ve contacted Lunarpages and asked to be moved to a different server… i can’t imagine it will be a problem, Lunarpages have always been incredibly helpful when i’ve needed them in the past. I doubt Lunarpages, nor I will be able to do much this weekend, so i may have to leave the upgrade until Monday but fingers crossed it will all run smoothly 🙂
I’m very excited about this new theme… it’s not just an overnight decision, i’ve done my homework on this and once i explain the reasons why i’m switching to this theme, you’ll see it all makes sense. In a nutshell, i believe it will make my blog even more personal and that can only be a good thing.

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