slam my college work

Hey guys, it’s been a hectic day and i’ve loads more work to do this week (offline unfortunately).

I’m basically just putting the finishing touches to all my college stuff. I then have to sign off the results and that’s pretty much semester 1 done and dusted. I’m off next week, and the following week i have just 2 exams, so it’s all good.

Anyway, check out this site i had to make as part of a multimedia assignment. We were told to use dreamweaver to make a site about ourselves. I ran in to all sorts of issues with the rollover images.. i couldn’t get them working on my own server, but they worked on a free server 😡

So check out the site here and let me know what you think… not that i’m gonna change anything – i’m too lazy to do that, but just for the future :mrgreen:

That banner is 100% custom made by me by the way… i’m getting better with the old design 😉

4 thoughts on “slam my college work”

  1. You know, if you changed the font and perhaps centered it a bit, that site wouldn’t look bad at all! Nice work on the banner by the way!

  2. The only one thing i would change is the flash nav. I keep having to click once to activate it, and then again to click the link. Good site otherwise.

  3. thanks lads,

    yeah the flash nav is pretty crap.. normally i wouldn’t go near flash or fancy effects.. but seen as it was for multimedia and i’m not selling anything or wanting traffic :mrgreen: , i thought i’d experiment..

    also, i renamed the local folder before i uploaded it and let me tell you – dreamweaver and renaming folders does not work 😉 so this actually took up a hell of a lot of time to get working, mainly due to links being local and not relative :mrgreen:

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