skydive coming up

It’s been over a year since i first mentioned the idea of doing a skydive on this blog. Once i commit to something i’ll usually follow it through at all costs and complete it at *some* stage, so i never doubted that i’d through myself out of a plane once i’d blogged about it.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Andy H McDowall

Anyway, i’m happy to say the skydive is now booked and paid for and i’ve yet to get an exact, official, definite date, but it could be as early as next Sunday (27th) – 9 days away. I was always eager to get it over with before the weather started getting worse and before i settled back in to college.

This is the sort of thing which people will quiz me on but honestly i won’t even think about it until the night before. You can’t put yourself in to these situations mentally before hand as they’re too surreal for your mind to comprehend.

So until i’m up there and looking down, i won’t know how i’ll feel or what i’ll be thinking but i’ll be jumping regardless 😉 Anyway, more on this next week as D Day approaches….

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