Skydive Charity Competition

I’m doing a tandem skydive jump for Charity within the next couple of months. I need to raise $1000 this month and so i’ve called on the help of my blogging comrades and webmasters across the net to put up some cool prizes and help me launch a massive competition.

charity competition

Up for grabs are some fantastic prizes… the value of each prize is in red font. Here are the CONFIRMED prizes so far (i’ll be adding more throughout the month)…

  • $50 Cash (Courtesy of me) $50
  • $50 Cash (Courtesy of me) $50
  • $50 Cash (Courtesy of $50
  • $50 Cash (Courtesy of $50
  • 3 x Estibot Domainer Pro Yearly Memberships (Courtesy of $449.85
  • 1 x Revolution Theme – single use (Courtesy of Brian Gardner) $79.95
  • 125 x 125 button ad for 1 year on (Courtesy $600
  • 10 x 1 hour consultations with TheUniversityKid (Courtesy of $750
  • 1 paid blog on (Courtesy of $85
  • 2 x 1 hour blog consultations from (Courtesy of $150
  • 5 x 1 copies of “Site Flip Guide” (courtesy of $50
  • 4 x 1 copies of “Work Smart, Get Rich” (courtesy of $60
  • 4 x 1 monthly buttons ads on (courtesy of me) $80
  • 1 review on (courtesy of me) $35

Total value of prizes so far = $2539

To enter this competition, all you gotta do is donate at least $1 to my Charity Skydive fund. You can do so using the ‘chipin’ widget on the sidebar or here. That will get you one ticket in to the draw to win some of those fantastic prizes above.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to donate or can’t afford to, you can blog about this competition, linking back to this post and that will also get you one ticket 😎

If you donate at least $1 AND blog about this competition, you will get THREE tickets in to the competition which takes place on October 1st.

So please help me out and donate if you can 😉 By the end of the month, i expect to have lots more prizes and unlike a lot of competitions, this one is actually for a great cause, helping the Blind in Ireland ( and if more than $1k is raise, i’ll be helping to fund as many entrepreneurs on as possible.

There’ll be pictures and video of the event going up, but i won’t be able to do it without YOUR help 🙂

Some notes;

  • If you blog about this event, please send me a quick email with the blog post’s url just to make sure i count you in. Use contact form or email sean [at] smemon [dot] com
  • If you blog & donate, please send me your paypal email address & the blog posts url so i can confirm and you’ll get 3 tickets in to the draw.
  • If you simply donate cash, there’s no need to contact me, i’ll notify you if you have won any prizes using your paypal email address.
  • Draw will take place on October 1st and winners will be notified ASAP.

If you want to sponsor a prize, contact me. All sponsors will get their site’s logo on my custom designed t-shirt which will be worn for the skydive.

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