Skools Out!

My first year in college has really flown past… i can remember clearly writing this post.

I got off yesterday, i’ve a week off next week to ‘study’ and then exams the following week. I nailed a CSS exam on wednesday like i said i would and i also got 100% in an xhtml exam yesterday – proving the 43% i got previously was a fluke.

I’ve virtually passed all my other modules – it’s just a case of turning up for the exams to get the few percent i need to pass them.

Maths is the only exam i’ll have to work for… it’s worth 70% of the overall mark. Out of the 30% we’ve done so far, i have about 16%. So i need 19% minimum out of the 70% to pass. So really, I’ve little to be worrying about if i can afford to fail a summer exam and still pass all – like i said before i’m immune to failure 😎

I’ve always maintained i’m in college to cover myself whilst i try to make a career for myself online. That hasn’t changed.

These past few months i’ve proved to myself i can deliver the goods when i need to. With my new office in place, i now have all summer to work my magic online.

That magic will be come in to play in the form of BeerChief.

We also had a sort of end of year awards thing to finish off the year… i won 3 x €10 (€30) PC World vouchers for my Microsoft Trip video which took like 10 hours to complete 🙂 Here’s the vouchers;

And here i am receiving them;

And here’s the actual video…. (i forgot to post it up here earlier!);


Anyway, most of us headed out to a pub yesterday for an informal course related table quiz. No doubt people were wondering WTF we were talking about with questions like “what is the two’s compliment binary representation of 5?” :mrgreen:

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