skipping lectures to go desk shopping

There ain’t many things i can’t buy or source online.

Computer desks are one of them. Trying to find a half decent looking, large, modern, reasonably priced desk (online) is impossible. I gave up. This is an area Irish furniture companies need to pull their socks up on.

Offline, it’s almost just as hard. I mentioned i had a desk lined up in argos for €225. Nothing special, a corner desk with a few drawers. I was furious to find out i had to pay extra (€30) for delivery and that i had to wait up to 2 weeks on it.

I’ve been in tonnes of furniture shops these past few weeks looking at desks. Harvey Normans had some that caught my eye but they were sales desks and weren’t up for sale 🙂

Today, i cut my college day short, skipped 2 lectures and used the extra time to hunt down a good desk 🙂 Feck college, this is what’s most important to me and what will shape my career. Yes – it may be a desk but it’s an essential part of a complete revamp which will give me the space and equipment i need to progress as a webmaster and entrepreneur. Anyway, i believe i’ve found her.

This desk has no drawers or anything with it. Whole pile of stock came in today in to that shop hence why there’s crap all over the place 😉

But my desk will be very similar in style to the above. Instead of metal legs on either side, it will have wooden ‘walls’. The wood is cheaper and it also helps cover up any stuff i have underneath my desk. The desk above is also a left handed desk. Here’s a 3D drawing of the desk i’m getting.

You’ll see i’ve marked the middle desk, it’s €235. If the slightly larger one isn’t much dearer (say > €260), i’ll probably get it as my room can handle it 😎 I’ve always had a budget of around €250, so i could have bought the one in argos, but just wasn’t in love with it enough.

I’m also getting a left handed desk. I’m not left handed or anything but i believe it will be easier to work with, plus it will fit in nicely with where i want to position my surround sound system 😀

So i’ll call back in some day this week (hopefully tomorrow) and order it. I don’t think they have that particular one in the shop itself, they have a right handed one in stock… so i’ll probably have to wait until next week before i get it.

It’s nothing hugely fancy, but it is nice and curvy and simple. I hate all of these desks with bits and pieces sticking out everywhere and those rollaway keyboard slots underneath the main desk that means you can never fully fit your legs underneath the desk 👿 Drawers also look nice, but let’s face it, they’re just crap collectors 🙂

It’ll be worth the wait though. My monitors are due to arrive tomorrow or Friday (they were sent out today), so i’ll have them ready and waiting for the desk. I’ll also position my surround sound system once the desk arrives which will leave me waiting on the biggest gadget of all, my Dell XPS 420. Still holding out for a better deal on that…

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