Should get my N95 tomorrow..

Well, at long last, my n95 will be arriving, hopefully tomorrow. It was posted today via express post.

So tomorrow i won’t be online much 😛 in fact, i might make a post from my new phone.. that would be pretty cool.

i’m looking forward to the GPS system, along with the 5mp camera & video quality.. it means i can now take quality snaps no matter where i go.. the wi-fi will also be handy when i go away to hotels. Most (decent) hotels offer free wi-fi to guests so i’ll be taking full advantage of that with the n95.

When i go abroad, the n95 will not only guide me to my hotel, but i can use VOIP calls via wi-fi from my hotel, effectively getting ‘free calls home’. That sort of technology is mind boggling. I could even upload pictures/video taken via the n95 and send them via email anywhere..

yes, i’m already loving my n95 :mrgreen: and for €650, you’d bloody well want to love it!

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