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In a couple of weeks time i’ll probably be heading up to Dublin for a graduate careers fair ( On the site we’re told to “think of yourself as a consumer shopping for the right career”…

Right now, i don’t think that’s something many graduates have the luxury of doing. Here’s a more realistic approach. It’s ‘black friday‘ or some massive sales day. All of us graduates are camping outside in tents waiting for the shop to open. When the doors open, it’s every man and women for themselves. Hesitate and you get trampled on. Once you make it inside, you don’t have the luxury of browsing and wondering what’s better: x or y? Whilst you’re wondering, x and y get swiped off the shelves by people who are more ruthless and desperate. A bit like this;

The longer you wait without picking something up, the greater the risk you end up with (a) crap products you buy for the sake of buying (b) not getting anything at all. However that’s just my own thoughts on it…

Maybe i’m wrong, maybe i *can* pick where i’ll work and pick my job title too 😉

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