Shooting my new movie

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My first ever ‘semi-professional’ video was created last March sometime. It was a college trip to microsoft. Although it was by no means ‘professional’ in the ‘polished’ sense of the word, it was professional in that it took hours and hours on end plus a hell of a lot of filtering through rubbish and overlaying tracks to music, getting titles right etc…

I created that using Ulead Video Studio on my 3 year old laptop. 1gig RAM, single core processor etc… so you can imagine the pain i had to go through 😉

This time around, things are different. I’ve got two dual 20″ monitors, high end graphics card, quad core processor, 4 gigs of RAM etc… so things will be much easier for me. I also have Adobe Premier Pro Cs3 & After Effects Cs3 which open up a whole new world to me in terms of video editing.

We’re filming a Dragon’s Den parody as part of a college project and although the main aim of the project is to work in a team, we’ve got other ideas and hope to turn this in to a real masterpiece 😈

I am of course a Dragon’s Den fan along with the others, which makes it all the more interesting for us… it WILL be hilarious – that i guarantee you but a lot of it comes down to the editing and how well i do it. Hopefully i’ll have something to show you guys within a month… an unpolished version… i might ask for some feedback and then react to that as this will be presented in front of a few lecturers and students, possibly more so it’s important we get it right!

It’ll be a lot of work for me in particular…. i’ve no doubt i’ll be the one spending the most amount of time on this but i’ve no problem with that as it’ll help to get used to premier pro & video editing in general. Although some will see it as the worst possible / most demanding role, i’ll enjoy that as i’ll be learning as i go along and picking up some valuable tips and tricks when it comes to video editing. Bring it on :mrgreen:

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  1. on the right hand side you have some adverts for, how did you create the 125×125 images? what software or is it an online editor? I’ve tried doing something similar but mine dont look very good

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