Shoe on the other foot

Previously anytime i heard the word ‘design’ i immediately said to myself ‘outsource’.

I’m talking about logos, banners, page designs etc… but i’m slowly beginning to learn the ins and outs of illustrator and photoshop. I’ve already entered a few design contests not to win, but just to see if i could even compete with the seasoned pro’s.

So far it doesn’t look as if anyone has noticed i’m a complete novice which is of course a good thing :mrgreen: In fact, and i quote from one of the contest holders “One of the nicer ones – thanks!”.

I’m beginning to get the hang of the pen tool and as you’ll already know from my blog designs, i love my brush strokes… i’ve yet to master the glossy plastic effect and reflection but i’m getting there…

It means i can now comfortably design a decent logo by myself. With a bit more experience hopefully i’ll also be able to not just enter contests, but win them 😎

With regards coding a wordpress theme from scratch – i’ve been defeated. It’s simply too much, too soon. There’s so many little bugs that need ironing out (particulary with IE) that coding a cross-browser compatible theme is pretty much impossible with my current knowledge of CSS in particular.

But notice i said coding a theme ‘from scratch’ was impossible for me 😉 It is of course relatively easy to hack apart an existing theme and cut / edit everything as needed. It also saves me messing around with php, which i know nothing about yet.

I think hacking existing themes is the best solution at the minute for me… hopefully i’ll pick up tips and tricks as i go along and maybe in a couple of months time i’ll be able to start from scratch.

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