Setting Standards..

In one of my blog posts a 6 months ago.. i made a statement which was rather bold:

“I aim to set standards, not follow them”

So today i was questioning my own approach to my blogging presentation.. It’s an opportunity for me set standards, show what i’m capable of in terms of quality/professionalism. I want to leave the poor sole up after me saying to themselves ‘oh f***, how can i top that?’ 😈

I happened to stumble across old presentations from previous years and i was less than impressed by them.. i’m talking about use of media to support/explain keywords and basic things like customizing a slide background.. Most people aren’t comfortable speaking publicly or selling something (i’m not myself, but when i know what i’m talking about, i’m happy) so you’d think they’d take the pressure off themselves by diverting attention to pictures/screenshots/video etc..

It’s amazing the amount of people that just use default backgrounds/formats.. or default bullet points. I know from my own experience, design/visual impact plays a huge role in learning..

Almost like adsense ads, you become ‘blind’ to default settings or designs.. and that’s dangerous when you’re trying to teach/educate people. Web 2,0’ing a powerpoint presentation, design-wise, can really set you apart from the crowd and make that little bit of difference.

So i’ve decided to go all out on this presentation and really go OTT with it.. providing screenshots which i’ll highlight/add text to and maybe even add short video tutorials on how to make a blog post etc..

I’ll upload it here on this blog so you guys can check it out/refer to it for related projects you may have.. and i’ll get you guys to rate it also, just so i can get a bit of feedback.. obviously you won’t be able to rate my verbal presentation, but you should get a decent picture of it all.

I’m expecting to hear when exactly is the deadline this week, so fingers crossed im up either first or last, as that’s a huge advantage imo. Up first, and i’ll give it everything i have for fear of being ‘beaten’ by someone else later on… up last and i’ll know what i have to do to ‘beat’ everyone else.. I may be taking it too seriously, but hey, that’s a good thing 🙂

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