September 2011 Review

september 2011 design

I’m a bit late with the review, but these monthly reviews are important to me so better late than never… in September started designing & coding a bit more (photoshop, html, css and some jquery) and i also revamped…

Another victory for my flickr creative commons photos

In September i noticed a few referrals in my flickr stats from It’s not too often my writing / blog posts are referenced by online powerhouses like that, but it’s a different story with my photos & designs on flickr. They’re used on an almost weekly basis now by some large online publication / blog. I deliberately add a creative commons licence to everything i upload there which means all of my photos /designs are free to use / republish provided credit is provided for them.

Here’s the sites / articles where my photos were used;

To the best of my knowledge, that’s the first time i’ve seen any of my photos used on and the fact 3 were used this month would suggest it’s not just coincidence. My guess is it’s a strategic decision by to opt for free / creative commons images rather than pay for them. Makes sense, especially for online articles. Nobody cares who owns the photo so long as it’s funny, clever or accurately represents what the article is about. Of course i don’t gain anything from it as a ‘publisher’ of these photos, but that’s not why i do it… i started to apply creative commons licences to my stuff because as a blogger myself i find it really frustrating that i can’t just copy and paste an image from google images. Instead i have to go make my own or look through a small pile of crap quality royalty free images.

It’s not as bad as it once was, thanks to do-gooders like myself who upload photos, licence them under CC & describe / tag them, but the whole legal / copyright stuff just annoys me and it’s that frustration / anger which still fuels me to upload more and more photos in a bid to build up my own collection of photos which i can do whatever i want with.


Sticking with flickr / photos / creative commons stuff, i got stuck in to a few novelty designs in September.

Russia -v- Ireland Tactics

freddy mercury meme

Designing stuff is something i enjoy doing these days, certainly compared to a year or two ago. Being able to summarise feelings in one image is a skill and something i never really *thought* about up until now. Now that i am thinking about it, i’m designing & blogging less but that’s to sharpen my focus on other projects.


I introduced to buddypress in September and so far, so good. It’s still nowhere near finished and there’s a lot of work to do but i’m happy to report that combining the two old sites ( and in to one site has had pretty much no impact whatsoever on traffic. If anything we’ve seen a slight increase in organic traffic from google, so we can hopefully build upon that, grow membership and keep setting new traffic records.

Thriller Live

The weekend before last i went to see ‘Thriller Live‘ in Dublin. Probably the highlight of September on the entertainment front.

Grand Canal Theatre


I seem to be blogging less and less these days but it’s all deliberate. I’m trying to focus in on one specific project and doing that requires a remapping of the way my mind works, or did work. For a year or more i was in the habit of blogging daily, hunting for stories, photos or tid bits of info which i could turn in to blog posts. On top of that i’d create designs on a daily basis to go alongside those blog posts (some of which have been used on as noted above). So i was getting pretty creative and usually always in the right mindset to ‘create’, but it makes more sense to channel that creativity in to a business now that i’m out of college, rather than a personal blog. So that’s what i’m doing… i’m online just as much as ever before, i’m coming up with more ideas than ever before and i’m probably creating just as much as i’ve ever done before, the only difference now is that my work isn’t public or visible… yet.

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