semester 7 finished

end of semester

Today was my last day of classes in college for this semester. Next week is a ‘revision’ or ‘study’ week followed by end of term Christmas exams which will run right up until December 22nd…

These exams are important. In total i have 5 exams, the lowest any of these exams are worth is 60%. Most of them are worth 70% with the remaining % already complete in continuous assessment (CA) marks. I haven’t done badly in CA this semester. I had 3 multiple choice exams in quick succession over the past week or so which will drag down my marks.

I got the results of those instantly and they were 50%, 45% and 35%. In that order. I wouldn’t read too much in to that though… in a group presentation i got 95% and in assignments i got a few 80’s so those multiple choice results are misleading. In the three subjects i know my final CA mark in so far, the lowest mark i have is 70%. Which means that i’m still on course for 70% overall, provided i can do well in Christmas exams.

That’s what i’ll need to focus on now, 5 Christmas exams. I’ve already printed out the timetable and stuck it on my whiteboard, create facebook events to remind myself of each exam and finally i’ve printed out past exam papers & solutions and dedicated a full shelf to them in my wardrobe / storage area.


I’ve done all that today so it’s a good start. Overall i’m expecting these exams to be easier than any other. It’s simply a case of talking the talk in all subjects and cramming in as many keywords as possible. We’ll see if i’m right when the results come out, but i’ll be disappointed if i can’t stay in and around that 70% average.

Part of me wants to study like i’ve never studied before and aim for 100% in everything, which would give me a ‘cushion’ next semester. An average of 75%+ this semester means i’d only need 65% next semester which i know is definitely doable. Then again i have to ask myself is it worth the time and effort. The reality is i’m going to memory dump everything i learn after these exams because the majority of it will be of no use to me after them.

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