selling a personal blog?

I’ve just noticed is up for sale on with a price tag of $23,000.

ades blog price on

It’s one of the few blogs i’ve been following from day 1 (when i first started blogging back in 2006). So first of all, it’s a shame to see Ades leave the blogosphere…

It’s always difficult though selling a personal website / blog. It just doesn’t work… not for the buyer. It’s not exactly shocking – readers come to a blog because they want to see what ‘x’ has to say… if ‘x’ has changed to ‘y’, readers just won’t come back.

So as a buyer, it’s gonna be all down hill, unless you’re using the traffic and influence to promote some other site or product.

If i were to sell to a mystery buyer, would you come back? If you’re a regular reader, probably not – because the whole theme and style of writing would change. It might change for the better… but it would be unlikely. If a blog sells for $23k, you can be sure it’s not just a regular joe on the street who’s bought it… it’ll be someone who believes they’ll get a return on their money.

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You can buy someone’s diary or their time or their possessions… but you can’t buy their thoughts which is what you need if you’re to continue posting on a personal blog without losing readers… unless of course you can rebrand the blog, but that’s dificult if your name is actually in the url :mrgreen:

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Ades manages to sell the site and if not, what will happen to it…

On a sidenote, irish owned (a bebo search engine) is up for sale with a BIN of $5000. Looking at the stats provided, this is a really quality investment for someone (60k+ uniques per month). They’re getting out at the wrong time though… bebo is dying (despite what the stats might say)…

Still, with that traffic and social networking / search niche i’m sure it could be put to very good use by someone….

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  1. Crazy, why would anyone want to buy a _personal_ blog? To gain the domain address would be the only reason I could see.

    If it was a blog that wasn’t personal I could understand (obviously).

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