see you at bizcamp!

I very rarely go to conferences or meetings or any sort of talks. I just watch the videos of them online in my own time instead :mrgreen:

Meeting casually face to face with people though is different and that’s what bizcamp offers. So at the last minute, i decided to put my name down and as i write this there are now 494 registered attendees.

bizcamp ireland website screenshot

If you have a look at the who’s attending list, you’ll see the names and details of everyone going and it’s just too good an opportunity to pass up. Meeting with even a handful of those people will be beneficial to me. There’s also talks and presentations on from a really broad range of professionals (not just in IT) so i’m already looking forward to it.

Long term, i will be looking at setting up a business or getting involved in a start up (or several!). Although i have 2 years of college left, it’s never too early to start learning and absorbing information from people who’ve been there and done that time and time again.

So September will be another busy month for me… i start college next week, have tonnes of work to get through (not college related) and i *should* be completing that skydive at long last this month too. I’ll be able to confirm the date for that next week.

Anyway, bizcamp is a day long event on in the Guinness Storehouse on the 19th September (A Saturday). Pity BeerChief wasn’t in a better state as it might have been a good place to start promoting it :mrgreen: Speaking of BeerChief, i’ll be blogging about what’s happening with it next week…

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