Screenshot of my desktop

I thought i’d take a screenshot of my desktop and show it to you guys, i always love looking at other people’s desktops..

I like to keep a clean and uncluttered desktop, but at the same time i could never just have 3 or 4 icons, i’m far too lazy to have them all neatly sorted in to folders, so i keep about 20 icons on my desktop permanently, these are the programs i regularly use and stuff that’s handy to have at hand.


As you can see, it’s BeerChief branded, what do you expect 😉 I also run XP, which cuts out all the animation and flash crap you get with Vista, and it also leaves my processor and memory free for the STUFF THAT MATTERS!!

Anyone with Vista who has all these widgets and crap cluttering up their sidebar and complains about speed issues deserves to be slapped around the head 😛

3 thoughts on “Screenshot of my desktop”

  1. i keep all liquids away from my laptop 😎 learned my lesson at an early age, when computers were more valuable 😆

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