– google alternative?

I got an invite to this search engine called – normally new search engines are dead before they get going…

But scour is different. Firstly the results are pulled from google, yahoo and msn so the actual search content is top notch. Secondly, if you don’t get the results you want you can vote it up or down (like a digg voting system)…

You can also add comments to results… Google are in fact testing these exact features at the minute. So the social element is really cool – that’s the way search is going and i believe the future of searching is ‘digg’ – user driven results.

Anyway, scour gives you the placement of the result in google, yahoo and msn. So lets look at ‘smemon’. We can see the result ‘smemon’ is no.1 in google, yahoo and msn, so not surprisingly it’s also no.1 in scour. However if it was spammy, i could vote it down as could you… so collective opinion will dominate over robots – the way it should be.

Now on to the other selling point. Scour actually reward you for searching and commenting and taking part in the community. They give you points for searching, commenting and voting results plus for downloading their toolbar, referring friends etc…

Ok, i know some of you are thinking ‘Agloco’ – but the actual product – the search engine – is good enough to work on it’s own without any incentive and that’s what’s cool about it. There’s a genuine social search engine here which has the potential to put a dent in google’s monopoly.

One feature i love is the fact you can sort by search engine for all results, within scour – making it extremely useful to webmasters checking links and indexed pages etc… as you can do it all from under the one site.

Keep an eye on this one – it has major potential imo and all it takes is a few big webmasters to start spreading the word…

After the actual exam of 642-901, a few students remain ineligible to enter 220-601. These students then usually register for 70-620 that eventually leads to 1Y0-259.

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  1. well if getting paid is your only concern, i don’t think scour is for you… it shouldn’t be seen as a way to make money or a solid income, you just look look at is as a sort of loyalty scheme…

    just use scour as your base search engine, and forget about the money – one day you’ll get a nice surprise in the posts 🙂

  2. Nice review !

    Scour is Good in search results, but its slow and also scour toolbar is making it slower.

    about the points, often the point schemes are mirages. you never reach it.To search 6500 times is no mean task, if you do it for the sake of points it would be work itself i mean a monotonous one.

  3. I guess this type of search engine called meta-search engine. there are ton of them. but scour paying to search.

    But they are getting market share (ads revenue) from google, msn and yahoo. What if they banned scour from using their search result ? Do scour have any agreement with all the search engine to use their result. if not, all the effors (referring, commenting, voting) people are putting will be useless.

  4. I have gone thro most of the comments and you have succeeded in confusing the issue by the use of terminologies which is ultimatelyu like saying yes and no.
    So there should be very clear cut helpful definitions.
    I have also browsed on the google site and have come across a query whther this is genuine. Of course that it is genuine and hopefully workable have been shown in the otherareas where displ;ayed.

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