Schedule’s Suck..

There’s something about the words ‘timetable’ and ‘schedule’ that always trigger off thoughts in my mind about Hitler, Army, Military precision etc…

I always associated schools with prision and discipline and rugged routines… it’s the same with work..

We all have a schedule… get up at 7am, have a shower, teeth, breakfast, lock the house and be in the car by 7.45am. Work at 9am, but you always allow that little 10 or 15 minutes in case something goes wrong, or if you just want to be a good worker and impress your boss by arriving those few minutes early.

Most of our routines go something like that.. and that sucks to be honest :mrgreen: To think we spend most of our lives doing it 🙄

For the past 3 or 4 months i went to bed whenever i wanted, got up whenever i wanted and worked whenever i wanted. Hell, i could even work IN bed if i wanted. I could even.. ok, you get the picture 😉 That’s the way it should be.

The reason i’m writing this is because i’m back to the reality of 9-5 ‘work’ (college). It’s nothing compared to what i used to do which was go to school, work in evenings/weekends in a real job, plus do a bit of online work :mrgreen: That was madness when i look back on it but it did pay for my laptop, car etc.. so it was more of a long term investment rather than drink money for the weekends..

The hardest thing in the world is to get up when it’s black outside, you’re incredibly tired and pissed off and wrapped up like a teddy bear in those comfy warm blankets. The worst thing about it is that you know you MUST get up :mrgreen:

I love my n95, but some day soon, as it’s my alarm clock, it could well end up in pieces across the room 😡

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