scared of heights?

A few days ago i booked tickets to Justin & Fergie in ‘the o2’ dome in London… thinking i was a great boyfriend :mrgreen:

So the first question i get asked is, ‘are we up high?’ *cringes*..

I booked tickets in the upper tier, not thinking about my girlfriends fear of heights.. the MEN arena in Manchester has very very steep stands and when we went to see Christina there, we were at the very back row of the top tier – it took about half an hour for my girlfriend to settle 🙄

From looking at videos and pics of the o2 arena, it looks pretty much the same as the MEN arena in manchester. 😆

Just before we went off to manchester i found this on the MEN official website :mrgreen:

Please note that Upper Tier seats are very steep and are not advised for the elderly, infirm or those with an aversion to heights.

No way am i telling her that we’ve upper tier seats though, or i’d never get her inside 😛

I’ll find out tomorrow exactly what the seats are like as Bon Jovi is playing there this evening, so there will be truckloads of videos going up on youtube 😉

Fingers crossed it’s less steep than the MEN, or i’m a dead man walking 😉

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