Samsung NC10 my weapon of choice

Samsung NC10
Image by momentimedia via Flickr

I’ve been keeping a close eye on netbooks for the past few months now, lurking in the shadows before i swoop in on my choice. The Samsung NC10 seems to be the one to beat at the minute. They’re selling like hotcakes and Samsung can’t keep up the supply… in fact, there will apparently be shortages in early ’09.

Acer have done a good job getting their foot in the door with the Aspire One but it just can’t compete with the NC10’s battery life. All 6 hours+ of it.

In the looks department, the NC10 also kicks everyone’s ass. It looks natural, whereas a lot of it’s competitors look awkward and uncomfortable in such a small shell. In terms of price, the NC10 is about €350 now. Roughly the same price as the Acer One and Asus Eee PC (for similar spec versions).

It features;

  • SD card reader
  • Bluetooth
  • Integrated 1.3 mp camera
  • 160gb Hard Drive
  • 1 gb RAM

Pretty much all i need in a netbook. I won’t use the camera or SD reader much, but both can come in handy when on the move. Bluetooth is essential for me. My n95 has bluetooth and i make the most of it… all my pictures / updates are done via bluetooth (my desktop XPS also has integrated bluetooth) and my Sat Nav in the car also has bluetooth which acts as a handsfree unit. Very handy.

Most netbooks come with flash storage (just a few gb’s) as it’s cheaper and lighter than a hard drive, but the NC10 comes with 160gb’s – that’s more than enough as my old laptop had half that 🙂 I’ll be holding off until the new year to order one of these for two reasons;

  • they will probably come down slightly in price again
  • i’m not back at college until late january so i won’t actually need it or get use out of it until then

5 thoughts on “Samsung NC10 my weapon of choice”

  1. It’ll fall by around 60 or so come February once demand slows down. I’m holding off a netbook for a few more months until a more refined one comes onto the market – the Acer ones are but ugly!

  2. yeah you should hold off as long as possible… dual core netbooks are due out in second quarter 2009 and i’m pretty sure we’ll see vista on them with 2 gigs of RAM as microsoft are getting a bit pissed about XP making a big comeback 🙂

  3. I have a netbook months now on it as we speak daddy bought it for me 🙂 hehe I have an advent 100gb hard-drive 1gb ram Windows xp which mite i ad im delighted to be using once again hehe fuckin hate vista grrrrrrrrr lol hmmm that reminds me shud really defrag me brick laptop as its known now lol…… my netbook also has wireless and bluetooth very handy as i also have the n95 sean wooo we rock lol cant beat it sd caard reader aswell and 4 usb ports its not bad … sure cant complain i didint buy it !! lol liken your choice tho

  4. tut tut, daddy’s girl 😉 Nothing wrong with the advents only they’ve less than half the battery life of the NC10 + a smaller keyboard + they’re not as respected as the NC10 which is sort of like a netbook superstar now.

    the NC10 has more street cred or should that be geek cred 🙂

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