Ryanair – squeezing the cents out of you..

The last time i flew with Ryanair and had no baggage was probably last September and November when in Stuttgart and Manchester respectively… My trip to Barcelona in January was with Ryanair but i had bags..

Anyway, as far as i knew, i could check in online for free if i had no bags – that’s the way it worked last time. You *could* pay €3 for ‘priority’ boarding but web check in for free was also classed as priority boarding. So ‘priority boarding’ at €3 was mainly for those who had bags checked in, but wanted to skip the queue.

To my horror today, when i went to check in online, i couldn’t 😡

Apparently, i had to have paid €3 per person at the time of booking to check in online. It sucks.. It now means i’ll have to queue up to check in even though i’ve no bags.. 🙄

It’s a risky business move imo.. if everyone didn’t pay the €3, you’d have 200 odd people checking in.. that would mean more staff, more wages.. by letting people check themselves in, you reduce wages/staff and make customers happier..

It’s a gamble ryanair are willing to take obviously in the hope they’ll make an extra bit of cash. Good from a business point of view, but sneaky and sleazy from a passengers point of view.

In effect they are deliberately preventing the use of technology to reduce wages/costs in the hope that people will pay to use the technology. It’s a souble whammy for ryanair if it pays off.. they get people paying to check themselves in 😈 That’s evil.

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