ryanair a step closer to banning bags

A couple of days ago, Ryanair announced they’re increasing check in baggage charges. To check in two bags at the airport will now cost you €100. Each way. (used to be €40 each way).

Checking in those same two bags online will cost €50 (used to be €30). This doesn’t really change much for the average passenger. Anyone with any cop on will either (a) just take hand luggage (b) look at alternative options and factor in ryanair’s baggage charges before buying flights.

The law of Ryanair
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You’ll ALWAYS get people who don’t know about any of this. These are the same people who will take pen knifes and 2 litre bottles of shampoo through security. But by in large, Ryanair have done a good job of getting people online and letting them know what’s accepted and what’s not before they even get near an airport.

It’s a good thing because it results in less stress at airports for all. Not too long ago, no matter where you were going, you’d have to queue up at check in desks as would about 200 others on your flight. These days, up until you get to security, flying is pretty much hassle free or DIY for most people.

The ultimate goal of course is to allow people to walk through a building and get on to a plane without stopping. Just like getting a taxi or a tram…

Will it ever happen? Possibly, but 9/11 will always be the biggest obstacle to that fantasy becoming a reality. After all, nobody would have thought we could check ourselves in and print our own boarding cards from the comfort of our own homes 10-15 years ago, so you can never say never.

Even airplanes are becoming ‘smarter’ these days – most have stairs built in to them so no need to rely on somebody manually moving and fitting those temporary stairs on wheels. Things like that shave minutes of journeys and can increase turnaround times, so it’s win win for both the airline and passengers (as they get out quicker).

The biggest money maker, or money saver will always be time. If you can buy time or save time, you’ll make money. Ryanair are an example of that. These increased baggage charges are another step towards banning luggage all together… cutting down on weight / fuel / baggage handler wages / check in staff wages, turn-around time etc… plus they will of course lure people in with low headline fares and then pile on the hidden charges and fees as they get closer to the ‘buy now’ button 😉

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  1. ryanair don’t exactly highlight the credit card charges or the compulsary online check in fee – both of which add roughly 20 per person on a return flight…

  2. Just on a point of fact, there are actually NO HIDDEN Charges with Ryanair, everything on their booking form is very clear and transparent

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