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One of my worst fears would be running out of ideas & content. I’ll often sit and stare blankly at a white screen with my fingers hovering over the keyboard. I’ll say to myself, “I can’t think of anything to write”, yet i always end up posting something…

How our brains work will never be fully understood but it’s rare they’ll ever stop thinking. So i’m always of the belief that if i can’t think of anything to write, i’m just not able to explain what i’m thinking about, because the reality is i am thinking of something, always.

Accepting that fact day after day forces me to write something otherwise i fail. Fail to convert my thoughts in to words. Online, content is everything. It’s a currency. If you can explain things in writing that everyone can understand, that’s valuable. Maybe not valuable to you or me, but to others. It’s a gift.

But it’s not good enough to be able to explain things… you need to be able to summarize things which inevitably involves leaving key points out. So that requires judgement, assumptions, decisions… not many people posses all of those skills combined which is why not all content is useful. In fact, the more content that comes online, the more we have to filter through it. That’s why good content not only needs to explain things in a language anyone can understand, it must be pretty on the eye and as short as possible.

Of course you can’t even begin to summarize or explain something if you don’t have a ‘something’ to study or talk about. It’s easy to comment or to judge but creating the content in the first place isn’t easy. That’s where most of us struggle…. to create. Always better to create & be judged on your work than to create nothing and judge other people’s work.

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  1. never! 212 days and counting without missing the deadline, it's gonna take something big for me to slip up now!

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