room for improvement


Although i’ve just launched a new theme and introduced a new set of self imposed rules on this blog, i’m still trying to make it even better.

There are several areas i’m not happy with;


It needs updating and i must be consistent with layout & style for each item. I want my portfolio to be mind blowing in terms of quantity and quality. Quality will improve over time naturally as i gain more experience and contacts and learn more, but right now there’s an awful lot of stuff i DON’T have on my portfolio that i really should have.

About Me

This page needs a major update. I haven’t updated it in (what seems like) years. More images, more selling points, more interesting facts & milestones… it’s just not good enough right now the way it is.

Contact Me

This pages needs updated a bit. I should be more clever with the contact form in terms of design and i should also add in my social profiles on this page.


It’s too big! The archives section needs to be fast loading and i should probably change the layout and style of it all too.

Photos Page

No sidebar, a ‘refresh button’ in top right corner. It should also display my latest photos first and have more on the main photos page.


I need to get my feedburner counter back in to the theme and i also have to promote my RSS feed somewhere. I should also add in a comments link underneath all posts on the homepage. Ideally when you click the ‘Continue Reading’ link, it should change to ‘Read Less’ (because clicking on it again folds back up the content to the way you found it. 100% Valid XHTML & CSS should be a target. The theme itself validates but some of the plugins i’m using don’t *cough disqus*.

So although you might think the site is perfectly fine or envy what i’ve done with or what i’m doing with it, i’m always far from happy with it and i think i have to be in order to continually improve it 🙂

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