RIP Katy French

Over the past few days there’s been a bit of a media frenzy here in Ireland over Katy French after she’d been taken to hospital after collapsing at a party.

Katy French was a model and like most people, i’d come to know her face through newspapers. She was one of the most sought after/glamourous Irish models. Here’s a light hearted ‘interview’ with her on Podge and Rodge.


Anyway it’s been confirmed she died this evening. Im shocked. The rumours are there were drugs involved (according to tabloids), and that would appear to be the most logical explanation for her sudden death (given the fact we know she collapsed at a party), but i guess we don’t know that for sure and it’s all guess work at the minute.

The gardai and all involved have been very quiet and refused to comment over the past few days. She was young and beautiful with a career on the rise, and although i never knew her or meet/seen her in real life, it’s still shocking news as you just don’t expect someone so young to simply die suddenly. C’est la vie i suppose, it can happen to all of us, but R.I.P Katy..

3 thoughts on “RIP Katy French”

  1. 🙁 Katy French R.I.P
    A Stunning Girl, who gave alot of time to charities.
    her parents have lost their daughter and Gill has lost her sister.
    it has got to be the worse thing that can happen to a family, to loose someone they love. especially at this time of year.
    just remmember (if you are using drugs or thinking about it)
    STOP and think of who besides you should you be thinking about!!! the ones left behind are the ones that are suffering.

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