R.I.P Fruffles..

My girlfriends 10 year old pet yorkshire terrior (Fruffles) got knocked down and killed by a car this morning 🙁


They also have a labrador which knew something was up as it was crying and very quiet all day – normally it’s hoping about like a mad yoke 🙄 Funny how dogs can sense these things and sense the mood of the house..

Anyway, that’s why i’ve been quiet today – got a call at 7.30a.m, thought something was seriously wrong as everyone knows not to ring me before 12 noon 🙂 Anyway, i’ve been trying to console my girlfriend and take her mind off things.. we already burried him in the back garden..

I think she’ll want another dog though.. she likes small ones you can pick up and cuddle.. the labrador is a little too big, although it still tries to get up on your lap 😆


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