Ringing Dell tomorrow

I’ve decided to ring Dell tomorrow and try and get my XPS for a decent price. They’re online prices have shot up this week, which is just typical really as i’ve been watching them fall for the past month or so! 🙄

Anyway, i said i’d ring Dell some time this week and i’m sticking to it. It’ll be a real battle to try and get them down on price but i’ll do my best.

At the minute, the system i want costs about €950 (incl 10% discount) and i’ve a budget of around €800 so that’ll be fun 😀

I’ll let you guys know how i get on and record the conversation…

On a more depressing note, my granny died yesterday in Wexford. She’d been ill for some time… But there you have it, life in a nutshell; here one minute, gone the next. All we can hope to do is live long lives and fulfill our potential.

The funeral comes at a really bad time for me in the midst of exams tomorrow, so it doesn’t look like i’ll make it, but i’ll be going down at some stage this weekend to pay my respects.

6 thoughts on “Ringing Dell tomorrow”

  1. ha ha…. so you are going to haggle prices on a dell with some cheeky telesales agent at a call centre in mumbai, is that the best you can do?

  2. well i’m open to other suggestions 😎

    if i don’t get the deal i want, i’ll be hanging up without buying and then i’ll simply ring up again next week 😛

  3. sorry about your grandmother .
    I have a code for 5% off european DELLS
    * Start Date – today, April 24th
    * End Date – Wednesday, April 30th
    * Code – G76DGMJ37XQVC?

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