Ringing Dell next week

I’ve decided to ring Dell next week sometime..

I can’t build the PC i want online yet they have all the components mixed and matched in different packages so i’m hoping if i ring them up i can get the PC i want for the price i want.

  • Q6600 quad core 2.4GHz
  • 4 gig RAM
  • 500gig hard drive
  • 512mb 8800GT graphics card
  • Dual dvd/cd slots
  • Internal wireless
  • Integrated TV tuner
  • MX 3200 keyboard/mouse package

Without any discounts that would come out at about €980 if i were to buy it online (which i can’t anyway) but that’s the figure i’ll have to knock down over the phone.

Online, the best discount i can get is 16% which would leave it at €823. So if i can get myself all the above for €800 i’ll be doing very well. That’s my target.

However i’m going to try and get it down even further or else get something else thrown in for free (faster RAM or larger HD perhaps). 20% discount is what i’m looking for which would come out at about €784 🙂

I’ll tell them i can get 10% off online instantly, and they’ll have to match that straight away, but i won’t tell them that instantly, i’ll save that as a last resort as i plan to bring it up once i’ve aready got them down a bit 🙂

On a side note my paypal account has been limited as they limit your account once you receive over €2500 so i’ve sent away photo ID and proof of address as requested. I can still receive money but can’t spend any which sucks big time, let’s hope they get their skates on otherwise i’m going to have to shuffle my funds around a bit. Having almost $2.5k in funds held hostage by paypal ain’t a nice feeling…

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