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There’s a growing trend on blogs now and it’s social integration. On several big blogs, i’ve noticed you could login via facebook & twitter to post comments on an article. That’s useful for two reasons:

  • it offers people another way to comment.
  • it means if you visit 20 blogs a day and you’re logged in to either facebook or twitter, you can just click one button to post on my blog – no filling out forms.

So it makes life easier for a commenter and encourages them to comment more. As a blog owner, that’s what i want. I want more comments, more interaction, more of a community feel. Disqus comments plugin allows you to do this and more.

disqus comments

You can ‘rate’ comments and sort comments by most popular, oldest, newest etc… in other words, it kicks wordpress’ ass when it comes to comments 😉 You do have to import your old comments to disqus and it takes a bit of work to get it up and running, but i think it’s well worth the effort.

I’ll stick with it for a couple of months and see how things go, but i’m pretty sure it’s a good move. You can still comment the old way by filling out your name, email etc… but it’s much smarter and less hassle to use twitter or facebook logins :mrgreen:

Feel free to use this post as a test section to try it out… (p.s. the above image is confusing isn’t it – it looks so real, but i’s just an image – don’t click!)

7 thoughts on “revamped comments section”

  1. Haha. The above image is very confusing alright! It got me twice. Just signed up to twitter so I could have a look at this plugin. Linked back to this article from my latest post and masterpiece video. Let us know how the disqus plugin goes as it's something I want to look at!

  2. cool worth a look anyway. i must add the plugin to top commentator when i get round to making a few changes to the site, hopefully sooner rather than later..

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