Revamp almost complete…

I’ve been busy doing work on (well, i’ve hired someone to do work on it).

It’s basically a full revamp – new layout, new logo, new interface, forum… in general a much more friendlier, warmer look and feel.

As it’s a basically a notes/information site, i wanted users to be able to submit tips/notes etc… so i needed some sort of content management system.. therefore we chose Joomla. It’s my first experience of Joomla and it takes a bit of getting used to, so i’ll have to spend a while learning the in’s and out’s of it over the next few weeks.

I haven’t launched the new site yet as i want everything to be fully functional and finished to a high standard. I have high hopes for Once re-launched, it will be Ireland’s best looking Leaving Cert site, giving a run for their money. Hopefully, students will use it and submit notes/tips so that we can build up a mountain of material to rival


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