Retro Gadgets from the 90’s..

I was always big into technology/computers/gadgets… here’s a blast from the past. I’m 20 now, so i can only really go as far back as the early 90’s 😉


Sega Megadrive – no.1 game for this had to be sonic the hedgehog..


GameBoy – i got one of these brought back from America wayyy back in the early 90’s. They were like gold dust at the time. I still have it somewhere..had about 10 games.


Lights Out – ah yes, the digital rubix cube.. that kept me busy for a while.


TV – watch – i go this in the late 90’s, and had hours of fun with this baby.. annoying teachers with it, walking past TV shop’s and switching off TV’s :mrgreen: in pubs, switching the channel when there was a crucial football match on 😆 ah yeah, this had to be one of my best gadgets ever.. nobody ever copped on as it was so discreet..


Camcorder – we had one of these in black and white, and then the ‘colour’ camcorders came out *drools* 😎 Again this would have been very early 90’s with no flip out screen or internal memory.. just big tapes and a brick-like battery 😎 My little Casio exilim ex-s600 does more nowadays :mrgreen:

Most of these are about 10-15 years old.. just goes to show technology is always developing and what we have today, we be extinct tomorrow.

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