renovation work starts today

I’ve been talking about revamping this blog for the past few weeks now and i’ve finally settled on a new theme and am beginning to cut stuff out / add stuff in. The ‘theme’ for this revamp is simplicity. What i find myself doing is asking myself “Can i justify having that there?”. If i can’t, it gets nuked.

simplicity nuke

I’m trying to put as much emphasis on the content as possible. No distractions, no clutter, it’s all about the content. I’ve also made the bold decision to go with a 1 post a day / 1 design a day rule when this new theme comes in to action.

It will be extremely tough to maintain that work rate over a long period of time, but then again people say that about blogging and i’ve done that for over 3 and half years almost non stop. This is my 1,608th blog post in 1,188 days, so that’s an average of 1.35 blog posts per day.

Naturally, at some stage, i’ll have to cut back and take breaks but for now, there’s nothing really getting in the way or at risk of getting the way… however, in order to keep my motivation & work rate up, i must keep tweaking, changing and bettering the blog. That’s what this new revamp is all about.

I should have it live by the end of the month but i’m not setting a deadline for myself, it’s not as if i need to work harder or spend more time on the site 🙂

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