renewable laptop battery power..

I’ve always thought the best business to be in was the battery/power business. Lets face, it, without electricity we are nothing. When a power cut hits, cities and towns are literally brought to a standstill.

Everybody and everything needs power, energy. I read somewhere about a gym that is harnessing energy through the use of it’s equipment. That’s the sort of technology that we need. Renewable energy which is created by us in everyday life..

Think about it; we create energy all the time. Breathing, typing, clicking, walking, talking.. i’ve always wondered why nobody has used these types of everyday things and turned them into energy to power computers or portable devices.

I probably hit thousands of keys a day on a keyboard, plus hundreds of clicks on a mouse – surely keyboard keys could be linked to some sort of battery and create energy once i push them? That energy could in turn power the computer.. surely those key pushes and clicks are wasted energy.

Mobile phones are another one – text messages require hundreds of key clicks, surely that could be some sort of energy creating opportunity.. If you look at wind power, that works as wind pushes blades around… same with water and dams, the water pushes blades around to create energy…

Could we not push mini blades around using keyboard keys that are linked to an internal mini wind farm in our laptops??

Just one of my mad ideas :mrgreen: Someone might correct me here or highlight some problems with that idea.. but if i had the resources, i would definately spend time looking into it as it’s potentially a revolutionary idea..

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