Religion – fact or fiction?

I came across an interesting video here (i think it was on digg).. about religion 😕 not something i’d usually watch or take interest in..

Anyway, there’s some very real evidence in this to suggest that the whole god/jesus thing is a myth and is in fact based on relationships between stars and the sun.

Have a look, you can’t really argue with anything in the video as it’s all fact based – it’s not too often you can say that about religious documentaries/films..

Some excellent points here and i would have loved to test out my religion teacher at school with this… who is a priest by the way 😆


2 thoughts on “Religion – fact or fiction?”

  1. Good video, but that's only a snippet from the documentary called Zeitgeist.

    here is the full one
    Zeitgeist 2: Addendum

    In my opinion, religious books are just guides and should never be taken literally. God isnt external but we've made him into an image of a guy with a beard, an invisible man in the sky. Jesus thought otherwise, he said “the kingdom of God is within” and “beware of false prophets”. Jesus is me and he is you, and we are God (the father) experiencing the universe. The inner world affects the outer. I used to be Christian then i turned Muslim a few years ago but now i realise who and what God is. We are God is MY conclusion. The God the pagans worships, the God the Gaels worship, the God the Hindus, Muslims, Christians worship, are the same! Because they dont exist. God is within us. It is the spiritual web that connects everything together. It is infinite consciousness. And we knew this all along. Science and religion are actually starting to come together in the past few decades. You take a part an atom its 99.999% empty space, with a small nucleus in the center. Whats in a nucleus? Quarks = which are “conscious particles”… they are affected by the observer! That means we are living in a fractal universe. We create our reality with our thoughts. Look into Hypnosis and hypnotherapy – how they change peoples lives on the subconcious level. Before any miracle jesus did he asked “do you believe i can do this”…… but did Jesus really exist? Why is his story similiar to the stories/gods before him…. is that sinister? or is there something which humanity always knew?

    Check out this 5 min vid “Tour through Reality”

    A few documentaries:

    A few books:
    The Tao of Physics – Parallels of Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism (i have this if u want to borrow it)
    The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

  2. Fascinating stuff… updated the video in the post above to full length zeitgest movie.

    The problem i have with religion is summed up nicely with your comment – i can't argue with any of it, therefore it's impossible for me to support religion based on sheer belief…

    I think you're right in that it's all metaphorical and extremely deep in meaning but then again we're sold it as fact in school which is the disappointing thing…

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