recovering from the weekend..

Basically, my broadband has been out of action all weekend. I say ‘out of action’, technically it was working, but at ridiculous speeds. It took 4 minutes to open up my own blog , so i soon got fed up of that 🙄

I could send and receive emails , that was about it. Everything is back to normal now, so i’ll make up for lost time.. especially now i’m a full time internet entrepreneur 😉 That’s right – yesterday was my last EVER day in work.

Technically i’m on holidays this week (so in effect i’m getting a weeks pay for free) 😈

I got so fed up of the connection speeds, i just packed it in for the weekend and never kept an eye on anything.. it seems like i’ve been away for a month 😕

You really can’t afford any more than a day off the internet. Otherwise, you can quickly lose touch with what happens.. I’ve completed last weeks managing myself tasks.. (i’ve timestamped all the blog posts to appear at later dates), so for this week, i’ll give my self a free role. It’s my first week in full time internet employment.. so i’ll see what sort of work i can get through 😛

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