Recession good for IT?

This is an interesting article on how the recession could be a good thing for IT. I have to agree. Firstly, in my mind, recession isn’t a loss of jobs or lack of spending, it’s a state of mind.

Great Depression 2?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Renegade98

If the big guns at the top of the food chain get nervous, worried and defensive with their cash, it filters down to us peasants. We (the grease that keeps the wheels moving) stop buying, things start grinding to a halt and because no-one else is buying and we’re being told not to buy, we listen and follow the trend, even if we have money.

The media are playing a huge part in this recession imo – in fact, i’d go so far as to say the media are the single biggest driving force behind our current global recession. EVERY day this week and for the past few weeks and months the main headlines are basically telling us how bad things are and how much worse they’re going to get.

This inevitably leads to ‘viral marketing’ if i can call it that 🙄 Crops up in daily conversation in the street, in the workplace, on the net. When you’re surrounded by negativity, it’s extremely difficult to remain positive and optimistic. ‘Bailing out’ banks restores some confidence but it’s a defensive move. Why should they need to be ‘bailed out’ in the first place? After all, it’s a case of the government charging you more to pay you back your own money which banks have spent.

Anyway, as this article points out, recession = loss of jobs = people with more time and desperate for work. That’s a good thing for the internet as a whole. More networking will take place, more services will be founded and ‘free’ will now become the big selling point of any game, site or service.

We also have to remember, an Irish website isn’t just limited to irish users or an American site to American users… so recession means sweet FA to most website owners as they have a global market to play with. Now is the time to get the thinking caps on and be optimistic and brave whilst the rest of the world crumbles around you :mrgreen:

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