RealRank is PayPerPost‘s answer to Google Pagerank.

Following a Google-v-Paid link bloodbath, many bloggers were left for dead by Google, faced with a no win decision – comply with Google and join their dictatorship, or go it alone and risk being kicked in the face one last time by the big G.

Thankfully, PPP have formed a little army of anti-Googlers and have come up with RealRank, which won’t replace PageRank, but which will ease the pain for many people.

How does RealRank work?

All blogs are ranked 1 to n (n being the amount of blogs that have installed RealRank).

They are then put in to 10 categories and ranked 1-10. (10 being highest ranked). So lets say there are 100 blogs using RealRank. That means the top 10 blogs (1-10) would be ranked 10 (similar to a tradition pagerank of 10), 10-20 would be ranked 9 and so on…

This rank is calculated and updated on a daily basis by using traffic, linkbacks etc.. the actual figure displayed to us bloggers isn’t the 1-10 bracket, it’s the actual rank out of n.


Currently i’m ranked 383 out of n. So what is ‘n’? We don’t know yet, PPP won’t release the data. However, we know there are over 100,000 blogs using PPP, but we don’t know how many have installed RealRank.

I keep a close eye on the forums at PPP and the lowest rank i’ve seen has been 4400, so i can safely assume there are around 5000+ blogs using RealRank (my unofficial guesstimate) 😈

So if i’m ranked at 383, we take that figure, divide it by n (~5000) and multiply by 100 to get what percentage i’m in.

That equals 7.66%, so based on my calculations, I’m in the top 7.66% of blogs, which would mean i’ve a RealRank of 10 (highest possible).

The RealRank team are constantly working and updating things, for example they’re now basing the rank on your average score over 7 days, rather than daily, which makes more sense as it’s a fairer/more accurate system.

6 thoughts on “RealRank”

  1. with 0 opps for 0/10 page rank, and real rank more confusing then page rank, I have all but given up on ppp.

    After their final payment to me, I will be deleting their posts, their script, and hoping they get their act together.

    For me, it was nice while it lasted.

  2. You have to be signed up on PPP to have a realrank score. So you must have a blog and it must get accepted before you can install realrank 😎

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