Reacting to Feedback

I never just ask for feedback for the sake of it, it’m genuinely interested in how i can improve something and that’s why i ask for it.

I said before, i’ll never be 100% happy with any design, but it’s important the majority of people like it, otherwise the majority of my readers are looking at something they don’t like and that can’t be good :mrgreen:

Becky commented in this post that the orange bar which contains the pages was a bit too dark. She was right. I deliberately asked for it to be dark as it was originally bright orange in the first draft.

She also mentioned the footer needed a little work in her eyes. Here’s what i’ve done;


I normally wouldn’t change something based on one person’s opinon, but Becky hit on the two areas i wasn’t 100% confident on myself. I’m still not sure i’ve done the right thing, but i do agree it looks slightly better now.

So i’ve spent the past hour messing about with colours and slicing bits and pieces and have made some slight adjustments to the orange bars and footer. Most of you guys probably won’t even have noticed 😎

With regards the bullet points i was talking about, i think i’ll leave them for the time being. It get VERY messy when it comes to cross-browser compatibility with Firefox displaying everything perfectly, only for IE to render it arseways and not display it as i’d like.

There’s a few articles on custom made bullet points in wordpress and it seems to be a common problem, so until i find some solution i’ll leave the bullet points (or lack of them) be.

4 thoughts on “Reacting to Feedback”

  1. Personally I like it alot more. You asked for feedback so I gave it. I hope you don’t feel like I was sticking my neck in.

    You do have some extra space in the footer, maybe you could use the area for a 468×60 banner ? Also the “Archives” section isn’t name correctly.

    I would also go back and tweak the most popular articles titles, so that a reader would know what they are about.

  2. IE7 still puts the sidebar way down the side for me and it’s spoiling the look of your site for me.

    With reagard to the ‘orange’ all I’d say is that the top bar and bottom bar should be the same shade in my humble opinion 🙂

  3. lb, could you email me a screenshot of whats happening.. my IE7 displays it grand 🙂

    The orange top and bottom bars are the same colour now 🙂

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