Rate my Blogging Presentation..

Ok guys, i’ve uploaded my presentation to get some feedback. Download it here.

I’m using software called ‘Ovation‘ from Adobe, which basically puts powerpoint on steroids and gives presentations that ‘WOW’ factor.

It’s a risky move. On one hand, plain and simple always wins. But plain and simple means my verbal presentation must be top notch. I’ve gone for the WOW factor coupled with plain and simple factor. Beautiful, eye catching background animation/effects (like ‘www.smemon.com’ moving across the screen in watermark format) 😉

But as you’ll see my main ‘strategy’ is to use one bullet point, then a large image. I’ve added in loads of images, some might seem a little unrelated, but i guess that’s where my verbal presentation comes in as they’re all in there for a reason.

I could write a book on blogs, but actually summarizing/condensing huge areas of blogging down into one or two little bullet points is a struggle. Feel free to download and view it (it’s 20mb’s, as it’s not powerpoint, it installs ‘read only’ version of ‘Ovation’ so hence the .exe extension). I’d love to hear any comments/tips you guys have :mrgreen:

Update: there’s a few typo’s and i actually left out one or two slides and a few of the flash effects, but apart from that, it’s all there 😎

4 thoughts on “Rate my Blogging Presentation..”

  1. Nice presentation …. just make sure the typos are sorted.

    I would question the sheer volume of content ….. I reckon you’ll get caught for time …. just don’t make the fatal mistake of rushing through it to finish it.

    The motto should be ….. a little done properly better than alot done quickly!

    Anyways ….. overall a very professional effort … should receive alot of ‘brownie’ point!

    Good luck with it!


  2. cheers guys, appreciate it..

    yeah there’s a lot of content on there, possibly too much and i accept that, so i might trim a few more slides out..

    i also realise it’s flashy, very flashy and totally agree simple = better. But bear i mind this is a young audience, with limited attention span..

    so i acknowledge i *should* be keeping it shorter and black and white but having sat through loads of these presentations every week i’m approaching it from a ‘what would keep my attention’ point of view…

    and if it’s flashy, loads of images and a bit of humour, generally i’d learn something and genuinely look at the presentation, rather than look at it and day dream :mrgreen:

    it’s also different in that it’s not the usual powerpoint, so that immediately catches the attention.

    oh, and once i get it all sorted and finalized, i’ll add another link from my own server to make things easier, rather than the rapidshare way 😎

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